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All those long flights back and forth to the US has given Todd lots of time to watch all the latest movies released, drink a few JD's and write his third book to his Trilogy on his life's property investing journey.

You could say this book is 16 years in the making...

wHat would make a professional property investor stop investing in Australia and focus 100% on investing in the US???

Such a big call deserves a compelling explanation - And once you read wHy, you'll agree it makes 100% sense.

He explains wHy, in his 16 years of being a professional property investor, that opportunity has only knocked twice. And the second time is now!

- but only for those wHo have the B...s to grab it. You'll learn wHat the first opportunity was as well and wHy it happened.

Hint: Market timing is everything...

Now if you haven't read the first two books, (make sure you grab a copy) here's a recap:

In his first book, Todd wrote about how he got to 50 properties by age 31. Learn how he bought his first property at age 19. His theory on the WA 2005-07 BOOM is going to allow you to truly understand how he thinks and wHy he "nailed it" there. That same thinking has allowed him to "nail it" in the US too...

It took buying over 80 properties to get there, but owning 50 properties at one time is a huge effort by age 31.

Then in Part ii he went into how he got back to 50 properties after selling a portion of his portfolio to buy his waterfront home with cash...

Now in Part iii Todd explains wHat caught his eye about property in the US and wHy his research and patience initially, has paid huge dividends.

So much so that his own personal property portfolio is heading close to 80 properties now. And that includes 25 in the US (his goal is to reach 40 by Xmas 2018).